MMA Training Gloves - Black

MMA Training Gloves - Black

239002 BLACK
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Get protection for your knuckles with full use of your hands for grip. Tight fit ensures no grip loss while grappling and sparring. The MMA Training Gloves do it all!

  • Durable leather
  • Pre-curved shape
  • Comfortable, durable design
  • Snug enough for a tight grip
  • RAM Force™ technology padding


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  1. Revgear knows mma

    Posted by Sid on Aug 5th 2015

    Exact same quality as Hayabusa at a realistic price! Revgear knows mma.

  2. Great MMA Gloves

    Posted by Michael on Dec 10th 2014

    I really enjoy these MMA gloves and feel comfortable..

  3. quality striking gloves

    Posted by Anthony Scott on Nov 19th 2014

    got a pair of these have to be the best quality striking gloves out, so comfortable and the padding is just right!

  4. MUST HAVE for any MMA fighter

    Posted by Vinc Pichel - Team Revgear on May 28th 2014

    These bad boys are a must for any MMA fighter! These gloves provide great protection for you and your partners while sparring. There is no grip loss while grappling, this ensures that I have the ability to train at my full potential while preparing for a fight.

  5. My first choice in Gloves

    Posted by Scott Dorr on Jan 3rd 2013

    The Revgear MMA training gloves are all around awesome! Comfortable on the hand and landing in your face! Quality materials, good look, and great padding.

  6. MMA gloves

    Posted by Erik on Apr 6th 2012

    AWESOME training gloves! I ordered the 7oz and used them straight away. Because of the unique padding, it was no problem hitting the pads and sooo much better in regards to form and easy on the shoulders during some intense training. These gloves get personal real fast. Absolutely excellent.

  7. Revgear MMA Leather Training Glove

    Posted by Matt Ueno,Head Instructor on Apr 6th 2012

    The most well rounded glove we have found. The only thing you can't do with glove is put focus mitts on over them.

  8. I like

    Posted by brandon on Apr 6th 2012

    I was happy with purchase of these gloves. I got them because I was looking for a true XXL glove. I had Combat Sports MMA Training Gloves (TG4S) in XL. I needed something bigger to cover my huge hands. The CSI were great great gloves, but were just a bit to small. I was looking for more coverage on my hand, with out sacrificing quality of the glove and protection for my opponent. The quality material of the Revgear is better! The gloves are a bit rougher to take a punch from in comparison, but not a huge difference. Over all I really really like these gloves!

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MMA Training Gloves - Black

MMA Training Gloves - Black

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