Travel Locker Urban - "The Mini-Beast" - The Ultimate Martial Arts Backpack

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Also available in the larger XL version ("The Beast") in Red and Blue.

THE REVGEAR TRAVEL LOCKER URBAN – “The Mini-Beast" - The Ultimate Martial Arts Backpack

This one - "The Mini-Beast" - the Travel Locker Urban version, meets the size requirements for most airlines hand luggage regulations. It’s easy to carry in tighter spaces, such as underground rail, on your bike or even rolling on your board.

Travel Locker Urban Measurements: 19" Wide (Side Pocket to Side Pocket) x 18" Height x 13.5" Depth

At last, a backpack designed by Top Martial Artists to carry all your gear, electronics, personal items and more – without all the hassle!

Here is what fighters have to say:

I LOVE IT. It’s so spacious without looking huge. Also very comfortable straps! I literally got my shoes, shin pads, knee pads, elbow pads, thai gloves, 3 pair of mma gloves AND my head phones. A water bottle in one side pocket and a recovery drink in the other. And there’s still room for more. It’s crazy.” Paulina Granados

“ESSENTIAL. I used to carry a duffel bag as a carry on for my gi’s and a backpack with work stuff - in addition to having my two checked bags. Now I have room to carry everything but my tools in one bag. I am currently on the road and only brought this bag and it’s great for everyday use. I also can’t wait to take this bad boy to competitions and carry my 2 gi’s, and my son’s gi all in one bag. Thanks Revgear for such a high quality and now essential backpack.” Josh Chavez

Developed in conjunction with top martial artists from the world of BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai, The Travel Locker has been tested and retested for more than 2 years before release. We say with confidence this is the WORLDS BEST BACKPACK for martial arts.

Both versions of the Travel Locker have full inner and outer compartments designed to fill the needs of every martial artist, no matter your favorite form of combat.


  • A massive inner compartment big enough for all of your gear.
  • Separated Laptop, tablet/notebook compartments opened at the back for security
  • Quick grab wallet and phone pocket
  • Compartmentalised front section with multi use compartment including places for pens, supplements, keys and more.
  • Inner netted pocket to separate apparel items
  • Waterproof Wet/Cool pocket to the side
  • Multi use sectioned side pocket
  • Headphone socket
  • And more!

The REVGEAR Travel Locker also includes padded straps with hooks for keys, clips, or carabiners, and a padded back area for comfort and laptop safety, with a super strong top handle.

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