Posted by Simon on Jul 18th 2016

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Holding Thai Pads

There are two simple, yet common mistakes that are easy to avoid when holding Thai pads for your partner. Particularly from strikes like Muay Thai roundhouses that have a heavy impact and the impact needs to be absorbed.

Mistake #1 – Holding Pads Too Far Away From The Body

Holding the pads too far away from your body to firmly and securely absorb the shots is an almost sure fire way to hit your own self in the face. What fun is that?

Mistake #2 – Holding Pads Parallel With The Ground

The trajectory of the roundhouse should be coming to the side of the head, body, or leg. Holding the pads parallel to the floor does not simulate this experience.

Our friends at Systems Training Center demonstrated this below. Check it out & see for yourself.

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