Carlos and Giovanni Ruffo: Pint Sized MMA

Oct 4th 2009

Last week Revgear was happy to receive the very warm Ruffo family with two young fighters among them – Carlos and Giovanni. Carlos Ruffo is 8 years old (he is turning 9 in just two weeks) and Giovanni is 7 (he’s turning 8 in about a month). Carlos and Giovanni began training in JKD when they were only 18 months old. carlos&giovanni At first, parents enrolled Carlos: the two boys were at the babysitter's all day and it was the best way for Carlos to start socializing with other kids. The owner of the school also loved the fact that Carlos joined at such an early age. Both boys showed talent and they loved what they were learning, so the guys’ parents slowly began to branch out into other arts – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai. To be continued…

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