Gerardo Julio Gallegos’ Tough Way to MMA

Sep 22nd 2009

julio_gallegos Revgear sponsored Gerardo Julio Gallegos, 26, lives in Lexington, Kentucky. Julio’s way to MMA was a tough one. After a family tragedy in his childhood, Julio became an angry teenager. He managed to use some of his anger energy as a wrestler and a football player at Danville High School. But at school and after Julio finished school, he used to provoke others into fights at every occasion. He was dangerous, he was “punk”, as he describes himself. Julio’s fiancée, Zeena Brady suggested MMA as a legitimate way to channel Julio’s anger. Zeena became Julio’s agent and found a way to contact a local MMA promoter. Julio Gallegos’ first amateur fight took place in June, 2007. MMA helped Julio put his life right. He and Zeena own a cleaning business. They are bringing up their little daughter Bralynn. Zeena acts as Julio’s agent and supports him any way she can.  Julio trains 3-4 hours every day and and would love to turn fighting into his full-time job. Julio’s MMA professional record today is 3-0 (8-2 amateur). Julio’s most recent fight was on September 5, 2009 for XFC 9 Evolution in Tampa, Florida. Julio Gallegos defeated Hayder Hassan in Round 1 by TKO.

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