Revgear MMA Leather Training Glove – review

Dec 28th 2010

Tyler Wombles has been training Muay Thai and MMA since 2003. He currently train under Master Rafael Cordeiro.He says Revgear MMA gloves:

" order to train properly you have to have the right equipment. I recently had the privilege of using a pair of Revgear mma gloves, and I’d have to say they are some of the most comfortable gloves I’ve used in my 8 years of martial arts experience. They are small and excellent for grappling, but that’s not what I love about them. Not only are these gloves comfortable and good for grappling or submission training but they have just enough padding to be used for sparring.... Read the whole review

Tyler Wombles, I have been training muay thai and mixed martial arts since early 2003. I currently train under Master Rafael Cordeiro. Read more:

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