Revgear Sponsored Fighter Mark Crawn Wins – Read the ICF TurfwaR Post-Event Interview

Mar 24th 2009

Mark Crawn wins via submission (guillotine) at 2:45 of Round 1

Round 1
Cunagin opens the action with a leg kick followed by a short left hook and another leg kick. Crawn lands an inside leg kick and the meet in the middle and Crawn lands a jab. Cunagin goes for a leg kick, but Crawn grabs his leg and lands a hard right, taking Cunagin down. Crawn initially has top positions but Cunagin rolls out and Crawn pulls guard. Cunagin's nose is gushing blood. Cunagin tires to get up, but Crawn works for a knee bar and takes him back down. Cunagin tries to pull out and Crawn lets him go, but quickly pounces on him with a left hook and takes Cunagin's back. Cunagin manages to get free, but Crawn pulls guard. Cunagin stands and Crawn gets back up, the two trading knees. Cunagin moves in for the takedown, but on the way down extends his head too far and Crawn sinks in the guillotine, forcing the tap. Crawn is in the camo shorts, Cunagin in the black.

"Thanks for the support and help RevGear. The Best Gear for the Best fighters."

Thanks for the Shout Out. Read the Interview >>


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