Revgear Sponsored Fighter September “Short Fuse” Thornton

Jun 2nd 2009

September “Short Fuse” Thornton, 31, is a female MMA fighter from Yuba City, California. She got into Tang Soo Do about five years ago – after watching her three boys do it for a year.

She trains very hard in a full contact class – not so many women do it. In May, 2008, she made her Black Belt under Grandmaster Clingan at the Korean Karate Academy in Marysville, California.

September trains in wrestling, too, because all her three sons are dedicated wrestlers. September’s biggest fans are her boys – Jeffrey, 14, Thomas, 11, and William, 7. Jeffrey is a MMA fighter, too – his MMA record is 1-0. Her husband Mike is also her trainer and her promoter. He keeps her going when she feels tired…

When fighting, September prefers standing and striking! She believes that a good striker should never go to the ground, but she feels more than comfortable on the ground, too. September is one of only three MMA fighters from her studio. She loves fighting, though she has a hard time finding another fight due to size difference (she’s 5’3” and 110 lbs).

Her next fight will be in July, 2009, at the motel “Orleans” in Las Vegas, Nevada. She will be fighting in The Tuff-n-Uff Tuff Girls Event.

Revgear is proud to sponsor fighters like you, September!

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