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Roxy Richardson – Featured in Urban Ink Magazine

Mar 2nd 2009

Urban Ink Magazine featuring Roxy Richardson... Excerpt from the interview:

Urban Ink: What motivated you to get into Muay Thai? Roxy Richardson: I was dating a guy who trained Muay Thai and I thought it would be fun to learn the sports. I got addicted right away. I just loved the intensity of it.

Urban Ink: What does a female have to do to be taken seriously in the fighting business? Roxy Richardson: She just has to train hard, fight with aggression and confidence, and display skills, the same thing a guy has to do to be taken seriously.

Urban Ink: What is the significance of your ink? Roxy Richardson: Many of them have spiritual or childhood symbolism to me. My sleeve is based on my astrology chart. My mother taught me about astrology as a child, and her name caps off my sleeve. My back reminds me of where I came from: my childhood, my past and my salvation. The immaculate heart represents my unconditional love for the divine.


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