Pineda Is Trully An All-Star

Sep 2nd 2011

Pineda Is Trully An All-StarRevgear congratulates Ambassador Alijah Pineda for her participation Saturday August 6th in the Kids Allstar Badgefights pro Show. This was a show to raise money for the fa … read more

Kids MMA: Is It Right For Your Child?

Dec 20th 2010

Aalijah Pineda is only 6 years old. She has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for nearly a year now, she competes (and wins!) at various Jiu Jitsu championships. We asked her father, Jeff Pineda, t … read more

Aalijah Pineda Takes Gold!

Nov 23rd 2010

On November 20th Aalijah Pineda competed in the 2010 North American No Gi Tournamentat Cal State Dominguez Hills. There were 4 boys in her division and she won gold! Congratulations! … read more

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