Jimmy Zidek, Revgear Fighter

Jan 15th 2010

Jimmy Zidek, 21, is from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He’s been training for four years. Jimmy’s amateur MMA record is 6-2-1, and his professional record is 2-4. He started as a boxer but after losing hard … read more

WEC: Jamie Varner vs. Ben Henderson

Jan 11th 2010

WEC 46, January 10, 2010: Ben Henderson defeated Jamie Varner by submission in Round 3. Jamie explained his loss: “I came to fight, Ben was the better man and he caught me with the guillotine,” he sai … read more

WEC 46: Shalorus vs. Jansen

Jan 11th 2010

Revgear sponsored fighters Kamal Shalorus and Dave Jansen were fighting at WEC 46 on January 10, 2010. Shalorus won by unanimous decision. Fights photos are here>>> … read more

Shelton Roberson Is Champion Again

Jan 3rd 2010

On December 12, 2009, Revgear sponsored Shelton Roberson defeated Bratt Saks at Barett AFC event in Irvington, Alabama. Shelton won due to submission and is again Barett AFC Middleweight Champion … read more

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