Take 6 with Revgear - UFC Middleweight Chris Camozzi

Posted by Revgear on Dec 17th 2013

 Take 6 with Revgear - UFC Middleweight Chris Camozzi

What was your first experience with Martial Arts?

My first experience with Martial Arts goes way back to when I was 6 or 7. I lived in Concord, California and my parents signed me up for Karate. I really wanted to do Boxing but Karate seemed cool too. I remember it being fun but all I really wanted to do was spar. I wasn't interested in learning the Kata's so I never really advanced in the belt system, I just wanted to fight other kids. Teaching classes now makes me realize I was "that" kid in the class that was probably a giant pain for the instructors. I didn't do Karate long.

Which disciplines have you trained before pursuing MMA?

As stated above I started with Karate when I was really young but I didn't do it that long. I would say wrestling in high school was my first step to where I am now. Aside from those two, I started training Muay Thai and BJJ at the same time when I was 18.

Who has been the most influential person in your Martial Arts training and career?

I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by tough and knowledgeable coaches. I started training with Brad Gumm (UFC, BJJ Blackbelt) in the beginning of my career. He had a big impact on me becoming hooked on MMA. I now train with Marc Montoya (Muay Thai. Head Coach) and he has really helped me progress as an all around fighter. Together we have really put together some new ways of training and winning.

What are 5 training items that you couldn't do without?

The first two are very easy. I can't do without my custom mouth piece or my Revgear Steel Thai Cup.  After those two, my two training program involves my heart rate monitor that I wear every run, BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling and sparring session. Then I would say my running shoes and my Revgear Powerhouse Lace Training Gloves.

What is your favorite Revgear product?

My Favorite Revgear product is the Revgear Leather Bag Gloves. I use them for pad work and light sparring. They are better than any bag glove I have ever used. They feel like a 10oz glove with an open thumb and I'm able to grapple with them on. These are my new favorite gloves for light sparring and pads!

What are three things anyone can do to get in shape?

Anyone can eat healthy if you try. Anyone can walk/run at least twice a week. Anyone can do squats, push ups or sit ups.

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