F1 Competitor Lace Boxing Gloves - Black

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F1 Competitor Lace Boxing Gloves - Black

The Peak Competition Boxing Glove: WIN with the F1!

Built for the toughest competitors in the business, the REVGEAR F1 is the lace up competition glove you have been waiting for. Built for the ring, the F1 Competitor will floor your opponents as you raise your hands in victory.

When you step into the ring, you need to know that what you have on your hands is going to get the job done. The REVGEAR F1 doesn’t just get the business taken care of, but it lets you do it in style. The full-leather Mexican-style lace-up pro glove offers you the knock-out punching power you need with exceptional wrist protection, meaning you can throw heat at your opponent without compromise. The F1 Competitor won’t break the bank, but offers the highest quality.

REVGEAR has spent 10 years developing the F1 Competitor so you can step out of the ring triumphant and ready to take your next fight. Working with world-class athletes and coaches, like ONE FC fighter and World Muay Thai Champion Chris Shaw and head boxing coach of the legendary Team Alpha Male, Joey Rodriguez, REVGEAR has created the ultimate pro competition glove. 

Key Benefits - F1 Competitor Boxing Glove:

  • Slimline design with superb weight distribution
  • Full premium leather construction
  • High-strength layered foam knuckle padding
  • Perfect thumb position
  • Full length lace-up wrist for exceptional protection and stability
  • Tough stitching for high impact endurance
  • Available in 8, 10, 12 oz 
  • Approved by NSAC for professional bouts

The F1 is approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for professional bouts, and is used by Lion Fight, Victory, Duel Grand Prix and other top organizations.

The F1 Competitor Boxing Glove is sleek and stylish but built for the ring. When you walk out wearing them, you will feel ready to take on all comers. The full length lace up wrists fit tightly, but comfortably without any loose areas. The knuckle protection conforms perfectly to your hands when wearing tape and gauze, making a seamless, unified fist that feels natural, but protected. Available in a range of classic colors, the REVGEAR F1 is in your corner until the final bell, making it a firm favourite with both boxers and kick-boxers alike.

The F1 is built with strong foam knuckle padding to avoid injury, but is slim enough to make sure you are throwing knock out blows every time you punch. The full-length lace-up wrist keeps your hand and arm in perfect alignment and gives you peace of mind that you won’t turn your wrist over when landing power shots on your opponent’s head and body. Even if you catch an elbow when going for the liver shot, you won’t need to worry about pulling the power out of your follow up punches.

The REVGEAR F1 Competitor has full high-quality leather construction, layered foam padding and a long protective wrist that evenly distributes the weight throughout the glove. The tough stitching and high quality construction of the glove gives you everything you could want in a competition glove at a third of the price of many of the gloves of its standard.

California Proposition 65 Warning:
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects. For more information go to

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