Groin and Abdomen Protector

Groin and Abdomen Protector

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Product Description

  • Special curved design and elastic waistband ensure snug fit
  • Ideal for protection of groin and abdomen 
  • For Women's version, see Women's Groin and Ab Protector

Please note: due to hygienic reasons this product cannot be returned.

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  1. Groin and Abdomen protection

    Posted by Luis Bouza on May 2nd 2015

    I take Krav Maga training and needed something that would stay in place and provide the best protection. This product is the best I have tried. It is oversized compared to other traditional groin protectors and shorts with cups. It protects very well, and with a pair of Revgear Vale Tudo fight shorts remains in place through the toughest of grappling opponents.

  2. Coach Norris

    Posted by Coach Norris on Apr 4th 2015

    I prefer this cut to any I have used. I got this fron from a friend. It is a littler larger than most and cushions blows better.

  3. The Best

    Posted by Barry Burns on Sep 4th 2014

    I bought both this and the Shock Doctor. For my body this one provides far superior protection. I wear this with confidence. It's also comfortable. The cup is large which is great for protection. However it also does rub my inner thighs a bit. Hasn't been a problem so far, but I could see how it could potentially be an issue for some people if used for extended periods of time.

  4. Great Protection

    Posted by Neil Chapman on Mar 9th 2014

    I purchased this because in krav training groin shots are very common. While it takes a little getting used to as it is larger it does provide a much higher level of protection, I would recommend this product!

  5. Groin and Abdominal Protector

    Posted by Matthew on May 10th 2013

    I purchased the groin and abdominal protector and quickly found that it protects better than a standard cup. I was wearing it during a course of training and tried switching to a regular cup on one of the days, but halfway through after taking multiple strikes to the groin switched back to the Revgear groin and abdominal protector as I realized it protected and padded better than the cup. The groin and abdominal protector also stays in place better, is easier to put on and remove, and covers more area than a traditional cup. I have found it to be a superior groin-protecting product, and wish I had known of it sooner. If I had, I would have dispensed with my cup long ago.

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Groin and Abdomen Protector

Groin and Abdomen Protector

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