Pinnacle P4 Boxing Gloves 16oz and Pinnacle RG1 Gel Focus Mitts - Black/Gold Bundle

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Pinnacle P4 Boxing Glove and Pinnacle RG1 Gel Focus Mitts BUNDLE! 

Pinnacle P4 Boxing Glove - 16oz Gold/Black:

 REVGEAR has worked with the top athletes and coaches in the business to create the perfect low cost, high value boxing glove that will both take your striking game to the next level. 

At under half the price of professional-level gloves but with many of the same features, this glove has quickly found itself a winner in fitness and entry level classes.

Key Benefits - Pinnacle Boxing Glove

  • Slimline design with superb weight distribution
  • High-tech Modern Synthetic construction – Vegan leather
  • Multi-layered foam padding
  • Palm ventilation strip for breathability
  • Perfect thumb position
  • Hook and loop wrist for easy on/off


The Pinnacle is a stylish boxing glove that truly fits your hand. The multi-layered foam padding perfectly conforms to your knuckles with room for hand wraps, while the palm ventilation strip allows for excellent breathability - comfort while making a true fist. The hook and loop wrist makes for easy on/off, so you can change between activities quickly at the gym.


The REVGEAR Pinnacle is made with high-quality foam padding and a modern high-tech synthetic exterior that can withstand even your toughest workouts.
The ventilation strip aids drying the glove after your workout, while the contoured design has perfect thumb alignment allowing you to make a full fist. 
Finally the hook and loop wrist wraps around perfectly, making the glove into a sleek, stylish single unit that is designed to get the job done.

Pinnacle RG1 Gel Focus Mitts:

Gel Focus Mitts are built for safety and speed work, allowing you to perform at your best while protecting your hands.

Designed to safe-guard your hands, focus mitts have extra layers of ANTI-SHOCK Rev-Tech Gel™ for added protection to hands, wrists and palms. The contoured tear drop shape is fused with a supplemental layer of RAM-Force™ Technology shock absorbing gel at the target area. The premium grade synthetic leather tipped mesh flaps are engineered to keep the holder’s hands cool and reduce slippage during intense training sessions. Ergonomically shaped grip ball with padded heel wedge provides additional cushioning at wrist. Unique adjustable hook and loop wrist strap and toggle for easy on-off.  You need the right punch mitts to train safely and enhance your speed, coordination and precision.

  • Excellent for speed work
  • Extra layers of gel for added protection to hands, wrists and palms
  • Ergonomically shaped grip ball with padded heel wedge for extra cushion at wrist
  • ANTI-SHOCK Rev-Tech Gel™
  • RAM-Force™ Technology Padding
  • Made with premium grade synthetic leather
  • Sold in pairs


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