Allstrike 2 | Striking Target

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FULLY PATENTED - One-of-a-kind product – here’s the ultimate training alternative to the focus mitt. Nothing gives better feedback than feeling a cheekbone, a nose, or a chin after you connect. You may think you hit your mark on normal focus mitts, but with the AllStrike 2, you know.

Coaches and athletes can now improvise on the fly, creating more realistic combat scenarios as if the “head” were a human combatant.

After thousands of hours of research and testing to perfect, the AllStrike 2 helps you take your mitt work to the next level by freeing you from the limitations of prearranged striking combo workouts.

For coaches, you can effortlessly act as an advancing or retreating opponent, putting pressure on the fighter or backing off, all without having to move your wrists and re-position yourself like you would with traditional focus mitts. Your training sessions will open up and you’ll experience the freedom and spontaneity of the AllStrike 2.

For athletes, the AllStrike 2 gives you the perfect target for developing more accurate strikes, improving your jab, honing your uppercut, and perfecting your heel kick. Instead of aiming at a bull’s-eye or even a blank pad, you are aiming at the real thing.

One-Of-A-Kind Striking Target Features

  • Fully Patented - One-of-a-Kind Ergonomic Design
  • Realistic- Practice striking on a lifelike, 3D surface that gives you instant feedback
  • Improves Accuracy of Strikes- Unconventional target helps you hone your strikes to land exactly where you want
  • Easy-to-Use for Extended Sessions- Ergonomic grip. Lightweight. Easy to maneuver. It feels right.
  • Improvise- Faster and better freestyle knees, elbows, and uppercuts
  • Safe- Simulate sparring rounds against a real opponent while reducing the punishment
  • Proven- Coaches and fighters worldwide use this tool to achieve more realistic training reps
  • Durable- Soft yet rugged. Wear gloves, don’t wear gloves. It’s your choice!
  • Trusted by top fighters and coaches worldwide
  • Made in the USA

The Revgear Difference

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect MMA striking pad for your home gym or placing a wholesale order for your martial arts school, you can always count on Revgear for highest quality equipment and the best customer service. 

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This unique MMA target is perfect for athletes who are ready to take their training sessions to the next level. Be sure to check out our other sparring and training gear, including our headgear, shin guards, Thai pads, and grappling and throwing dummies. Experience the difference an innovative target like Allstrike 2 can make when you are free from the limitations of prearranged combo workouts. Order the AllStrike 2 today, available exclusively at Revgear!


California Proposition 65 Warning:
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects. For more information go to

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