Gem Of A Bag!

Oct 19th 2011

Gem Of A Bag!

Gem of a Bag!

Written by Gary Edwards, Head MMA coach at Laurel Mountain MMA, North Carolina.

Yes, I have aheavy bag graveyard in the corner of my basement. I hold on to these bags like my 80’s baseball card collection and high school love letters. Some bags are blood stained; a few are completely wrapped in duct tape, one of them will break your hand if you hit it in the wrong spot, and others are experiments gone wrong that at one point resembled a really square and disproportioned human body.

Needless to say, I hold my memories and battles with these bags close to my heart. To some, a heavy bag is just a big piece of vinyl or canvas filled with material. But to me, it’s a friend who’s helped me work my imagination, my cardio, and my skill set. Anyone who’s trained or fights knows that every bag is different, and you quickly learn the pros and cons of each apparatus.

I have a go-to bag right now in my gym that is more consistent than any Everlast or locally built bag I’ve ever owned. I have no idea what it’s stuffed with because I’ve never had to check, and myself along with many others have been kicking/ punching/kneeing the hell out of it for around 5 years. It has kept the same consistency since I first purchased it. It’s nothing fancy—no flashy logos, no strange arm attachments—just a six foot black heavy bag with a small Revgear logo stitched around eye level.

The Revgear bag isn’t too hard, so I don’t hurt my hands with bag gloves, and the stuffing doesn’t all fall to one place. The bag is super consistent throughout and very durable. It’s great for kicking and punching and just the right weight so it has a small amount of bounce and give. I’ve found that when it’s time for bag work, all my students run to the Revgear bag first like the pizza line in the cafeteria. I do the opposite and try to save the best for last. With that said, I highly recommend this bag for both amateurs and professional fighters.

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