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Legends Speak – Zac “The Red Devil” George, IFO Lightweight Champion

Dec 3rd 2008

Zac “The Red Devil” George

  • IFO Lightweight Champion
  • Masters of the Cage Lightweight Champion
  • Extreme Fight League Lightweight champ
  • Oklahoma State Boxing Champion
  • IKF Super Lightweight National Champion

What does it take to defeat any opponent no matter their size, skill, or strength?

A Shotgun.  But if that isn't available then you must outwork your opponent in the practice room and prepare yourself to peak at the right time during competition.  Correctly evaluating an opponent's strengths and weaknesses and matching them to your own creates a gameplan that can be a key to your victory.   What is the hardest thing you had to overcome to become a successful fighter?

As a professional fighter you are constantly dealing with injuries and pains.  You must be both mentally and physically strong to endure intense training camps and the stress of competition.  Finding an outlet to deal with this stress will greatly increase your ability to perform come fight time.


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