TOW #25 - Muay Thai: Clinch To Knee

May 23rd 2013

This week we have a Muay Thai technique for you. In Muay Thai, having control in the clinch could be beneficial. This video will teach how to gain an advantage in the clinch and deliver a powerful … read more

Parker Graham Is A Man Among Boys

Jun 27th 2012

Parker “The Hydra” Graham competed in the NAGA Charlotte on earlier this month. He was entered in the Kids Expert Gi & No-Gi divisions and weighed in at 99.6lbs, but after winning the Kids Expert … read more

Zach Kaina Says Aloha To Competition

Jun 11th 2012

The Revgear Ambassador program has an incredible pool of young talent that competing in various levels across many disciplines. Zach Kaina is an incredible talent from Hawaii and has been dominati … read more

Texas Jiu Jitsu Better Be Ready For Him

Jun 1st 2012

The Texas Jiu Jitsu scene is being infiltrated by some incredible young talent and one of these great young talents is Revgear Ambassador Austin Adkins. In the last two months Adkins has competed a … read more

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