Revgear Ambassador Alumni Spotlight: Nam Phan

Jun 12th 2012

Nam Phan came to us back in the day, filling out an application for a Revgear Ambassadorship like all of you, and never looked back. He progressed through all the levels of the Ambassador Program, … read more

The Rear Naked Choke Never Gets Old

Jun 8th 2012

Matt Schellenschlager is one of the newest members to the Revgear Ambassador program. Fighting out of the state of Maryland, Schellenschlager is a well established fighter around the Northeast … read more

Thomson Scores Win in 3rd Title Fight

Jun 6th 2012

Jonathan Thomson has quite the amateur career thus far while under the Revgear Ambassador Program Banner. He is a fierce competitor and a true winner; claiming victories all over the state of Il … read more

Women Fighters Are Here To Stay

May 29th 2012

The second fight of the night at Long Beach Fight Night #14 was a female feature. Revgear Ambassador Melissa β€œReal” Steele faced Katie Klimansky-Casimir inside the ring. The ultra competitive Steele f … read more

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