Fightdentist Boil & Bite Mouth Guard | for Boxing and Martial Arts | Viva Mexico

0.150 LBS

Also available in other styles.

¡Viva Mexico! This mouth guard features the colors of the Mexican flag and features the words "Hecho en Mexico" across the front - with up to 3 times the protection of conventional mouth guards.

  • LIKE CUSTOM – BUT AT A FRACTION OF THE COST: Boil-N-Mold gets fitted to the shape of your mouth – just like a custom made-to-order mouth guard.
  • DESIGNED BY DENTISTS: Engineered by dentists for accurate, flexible and confident fit and the ultimate protection and comfort.
  • EASIER TO BREATHE AND TALK: With a perfect fit comes a perfect suction, that makes it much easier to breathe and talk.
  • PROTECTS SENSITIVE GUMS: SportShield Technology™ and double injection molding allows the guard to mold above the gum line, providing added protection to sensitive gums, lips and facial tissues susceptible to injury during orafacial trauma.
  • UP TO THREE-TIMES THE PROTECTION: With a density of up to 4mm in thickness in key areas, Fight Dentist™ mouth guards provide up to 3 times the protection and five times the durability of other mouth guards, out-lasting and out-performing traditional EVA guards in both protection and durability.


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