Jitz Jacket - Hoody and BJJ Jacket in One

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Jitz Jacket - BJJ Jacket and Hoody in One

Do you often wear a hoody and your BJJ Gi at the same time for warm ups? Do you love your BJJ gi so much you could wear it when you aren't on the mat?  The Jitz Jacket is a true Revgear Original - The first one of it's kind. We combined a BJJ jacket and Fleece Hoody to make the warmest most comfortable jacket for the person who loves BJJ!

This full jacket can be worn outside in cold temperatures, or for warm ups before your next competition.

If you love jiu jitsu, you will love this jacket.  And everyone in the gym is going to want one and ask you where you got it.

And the Jitz Jacket is a perfect gift for the BJJ athlete in your life.  

Sizing matches your gi size A0 - A5.  If you want it to match the way your BJJ Gi fits, order the same size.  If you want it to fit like a hoody or jacket and be more loose, consider ordering one size up.

The jacket features multiple pockets, hood with draw string, and full zip front zipper.


A0 - Extra Small

A1 - Small

A2 - Medium

A3 - Large

A4 - XL

A5 - XXL



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