Tombstone II for Kids

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Youth Kick Pad

Designed proportionately for smaller framed individuals, Tombstone is the first target of its kind with multi-angled striking surfaces and 4 strategically placed handles.

Scaled relative to a child’s size and shape and over two decades in selling Tombstones, we made important improvements to accommodate youth martial arts training for karate, Krav Maga and self-defense. You get the same reliable engineering we developed for Tombstone II, lightweight and stuffed with highly durable cushioning formulated to better absorb kicks and punches.

Kids can perform drill after drill safely when using tools that ensure well-being. Parents want protection for their children and Tombstone II for Kids is designed to help them train safer and reduce injury.

The very first Tombstone was invented in 1995 by Darren Levine, Founder of the Krav Maga Association of America and Krav Maga Worldwide, an 8th degree black belt and Paul Reavlin, Founder and CEO of Revgear. Tombstone was the first of 4 innovative products Revgear launched in 1996.

Practice safely and don’t be fooled by imitations! Get the original Tombstone invented by the original sports brand, Revgear. We know what you do is more than just training, this is our way of life.


  • Designed proportionately for smaller framed individuals 
  • Multi-angled striking surface enables unique punch-kick combinations
  • 4 handle placements for versatility
  • Highly durable 22oz vinyl coated nylon
  • Each sold separately
  • Made in USA

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The Tombstone II for Kids is the perfect companion to our line of protective kids gear, including the youth boxing gloves and shin guards.  Add this revolutionary target to your gym today.

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