MMA Weekly World MMA Rankings Released

Jun 1st 2010

The latest MMAWeekly World MMA Rankings were released on Wednesday, June 2. This system ranks the Top 10 MMA fighters from all across the world in each of the seven most widely accepted weight clas … read more

Manny Gamburyan Stunning KOs in WEC 48

May 5th 2010

Team Revgear’s Manny Gamburyan won title in the featherweight division against favorite and former champion Mike Brown. Gamburyan’s stunning knock out in the first round leaves him and high on the … read more

Manny Gamburyan To Fight Mike Brown at WEC 48

Apr 22nd 2010

On April 24, 2010 Manny Gamburyan will face off Mike Brown at WEC 48 PPV. April 24 is Armenian Genocide Memorial Day and it is very important for Manny to fight that day.

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