Curved Thai Pads

Curved Thai Pads


Product Description

* 100% leather
* Broken-in shape for effective training
* Reinforced whip stitching
* Industrial riveted handles for durability
* RAM-Force™ technology padding
* Extra cushion between holders arm and handles for comfort
* Upper handle padded and sculpted for comfort and secure grip
* Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure on lower strap keeps pads from slipping
* Sold in pairs

Product Reviews

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  1. Love these pads

    Posted by Mike on Aug 29th 2016

    These pads are amazing. Light and durable. Took the best kicks, knees and elbows with ease!

  2. training all levels

    Posted by Jamie Varner, Impact MMA Owner / UFC on Oct 7th 2014

    These pads are great for training beginners at my gym all the way up to high level professional fighters. The quality has been great and they have a sharp look as well.

  3. A Favorite At My Gym

    Posted by Chris Clements - UFC Welterwight on May 13th 2014

    My Revgear Curved Thai Pads are a big hit. So much so, that all the guys keep stealing them!

  4. Amazing Thai Pads

    Posted by Ashley Nee on Mar 18th 2013

    These Thai pads are perfect for me. The shape and extra padding makes them extremely comfortable for me to hold even for powerful kickers and kicking them feels AMAZING. The shape is great and there is no breaking in period. They are by far one of my favorite pieces of equipment and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a great pair of Thai pads. I actually cannot say enough good things about these pads.

  5. another outstanding product produced by

    Posted by karina hurricane taylor on Apr 6th 2012

    There are many different styles of hand wraps to choose from but they don't comparte. The gel portion fits each individual finger which also has a comfortable thumb opening. At the base you will find elastic wrap. This elastic wrap provides the extra wrist support tha you need. I go through a lot of hand wraps in training that cause bruising and severe hand cramping. these gel hand wraps save time putting on and are comfortable to use. I'd recommend their use to beginners all they way up to the Top Pro's.

  6. Near perfect

    Posted by Mike on Apr 6th 2012

    Out of the box these pads are ready for kicks. They say the curved thai pads require no break in period and I can say that its true. The quality of construction is top notch. You may wonder how they stack up against the standard thai pads and if its worth the extra money. Well if you have the extra cash and you dont want a break in period these are great. But you can get two sets of standard pads for close to the same price. If they were $20 more than standard then they would be worth it. but for $60, that rules it out in my oppinion.

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Curved Thai Pads

Curved Thai Pads

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