California Dreams

Posted by Revgear on Dec 1st 2016

In Early 2016, we embarked on a journey to create a range of products that reflected Revgear’s California roots. Conceptual designs for the California Limited Edition Series became a snowball effec … read more

REVGEAR EVENTS - Revgear Tournament of Champions

Posted by Simon on Sep 22nd 2016

Inaugural Revgear Muay Thai Tournament Of Champions At Revgear we are very excited to launch our latest event, Revgear Tournament of Champions. This muay thai tournament is sanctioned by th … read more

Revgear University Revolution Returns In 2017

Posted by Revgear on Sep 16th 2016

It began as a vision for Paul Reavlin, the founder of Revgear. Paul wanted to create something new, something different, something that not only brought school owners together to learn, but to also tr … read more

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Holding Thai Pads

Posted by Revgear on Sep 16th 2016

There are two simple, yet common mistakes that are easy to avoid when holding Thai pads for your partner. Particularly from strikes like Muay Thai roundhouses that have a heavy impact and the im … read more

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