He May Be Young, But He Wins Like A Veteran

May 11th 2012

Revgear Ambassadors come in all different sizes and ages. One of the top ambassadors in the stable of young competitors is Ruben Huron Jr. The 9 year old from Gulfport, Mississippi has been domi … read more

The Bataras Visit L.A.

Posted by Revgear on Mar 13th 2012

The Batara siblings stopped by Los Angeles for a short vacation - to train and compete.  Both competed and placed in Gracie Nationals and Kids World Championships, taking home lots of ha … read more

He's A Beast

Posted by Revgear on Feb 29th 2012

Mason Bramlette is only six years old but is already on his way to becoming a champion.  He started training no-gi Jiu jitsu when he was 5, at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu in Riverside, CA … read more

'Kids MMA' Controversy, What Side Are You On?

Nov 3rd 2011

Should There Be An Age Limit To Compete In MMA? As the sport of MMA has rushed into the mainstream, it has garnered a tremendous following amongst young children - many who have left the soccer o … read more

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