Erik Paulson Says You Need This Glove

Apr 11th 2012

Erik Paulson, Owner and CSW Training Center loves this glove, he said, " This is one of my favorites...this is actually a real fight glove". Athletes today are training longer, more frequent, … read more

The Seven Second Man: Stephen Upchurch

Apr 10th 2012

Revgear Ambassador Stephen "The Advantage" Upchurch wins the BFN 145 lbs Pro MMA title with K.O. Upchurch, who has recently moved from the 155 pound division to the 145 pound weight class, took on … read more

Ground Control: Fight on Your Own Terms

Posted by Revgear on Apr 9th 2012

Revgear Ambassador Jon Shores met Masakazu Takafuji  inside the Differ Ariake Arena, in Tokyo, Japan for Pancrase Progress Tour 3. Shores utilized a strong ground game to maintain control t … read more

Speed and Agility: It Will Help You Win

Posted by Revgear on Apr 6th 2012

We've spoken about Revgear Ambassador Mark Brothers in the past.  His incredible quickness and agility as given Brothers the ability to rack up many first round knock outs. His latest victo … read more

Alyssa Wilson Never Backs Down

Posted by Revgear on Mar 14th 2012

Alyssa Wilson of A Team Jiu Jitsu never backs down from a challenge to move up in weight or to the boys division. She recently competed again in the boys division at Grappling x Operation Grappl … read more

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